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Livermore Bridge Club

Affiliated with Livermore Valley Unit 501 of the American Contract Bridge League

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Livermore Bridge Club

Stoneridge Creek

Livermore Bridge Club

The Livermore Bridge Club meets Mondays and Thursdays at 10 a.m. Please arrive by 9:50 a.m. so that we may start on time. The fee is $6 / person, including unit games and club championships; $7 for charity games; $8 for STAC and Longest Day. The club manager is Grant Robinson, 408-857-2740.

Need A Partner?

Our partnership chair is Dan Bergmann, 925-699-8169

Step 1. Click here and join the Unit 501 newsgroup.

Step 2. Send email to asking for a partner for a given day or days. The directors receive this mail too, so no need to ask them separately! 

When replying to partnership requests, use "Reply" not "Reply All". Your reply will go only to the person who asked.   Answer only if able to play.

Please do not send mail to this newsgroup EXCEPT to find a partner. You can pick up a phone / email list at the club, and we periodically send it to the email list.

Use of the newsgroup is expected. Craft your message to describe the kind of partner you will accept, and then please accept anyone replying that fits your description. 

A phone list is available if you prefer. For privacy reasons it isn't on this site. Email Grant Robinson asking for one. Our partnership chair can help with last-minute problems.

To be included on the phone list, give Grant your contact details.

Stoneridge Creek

Games at Stoneridge Creek in Pleasanton are restricted to residents and guests. An ACBL-sanctioned game is held Tuesdays at 1 p.m. The manager is Grant Robinson, 408-857-7240.

Game At Livermore Community Center

There is an unsanctioned game on Fridays from 1–4 p.m. at the Community Center, 4444 East Avenue, Livermore. This is an informal duplicate game using a simplified mode of scoring. For details contact Marge Henry at 925-447-2735.

Affiliated with the American Contract Bridge League

 Unit 501



Special Events


  • Charity Games Monday, April 3, and Thursday, April 6, extra $1.00 goes to ACBL Charity Foundation
  • Unit Championships Monday, April 10, and Thursday, April 13
  • ACBL-wide Charity Game Thursday, April 27, big masterpoints, expert hand analysis, extra $2.00 goes to ACBL Charity Foundation
  • 99er games on Thursdays April 13 and 27

All games begin at 10:00 a.m.

About 99er Games

Games for players with less than 100 masterpoints are usually the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month, but check the calendar.

The 99er game will play the same hands as the main game, but usually fewer boards (around 20) so you won't be too rushed.

ALL players are always welcome at any game.

Book recommendations for 99ers:


Please check in and choose a seat assignment appropriate to your playing level before 9:50.

People requiring N/S seats must notify us in advance. If a regular, just notify us when NOT coming.

Notify the director listed for the game on the calendar above.

You may, from time to time, be assigned a direction, even if you arrive early, in order to make N/S available to a wider variety of players.

Free Internet Resources

  • Bridge Base Online (BBO) Play, watch, live major championships with voice commentary, robot play, bidding practice tables, teaching tables, ACBL pairs and individual tourneys. Free but fees for robots, most tourneys.
  • Bridge Notes  Paul's free books on bidding SAYC, 2/1, Conventions, and Precision. 
  • Howard Schutzman Bridge is chock-full of free tutorials. 
  • Bridge Winners has news, discussions, problems, and more!  The heavys hang out here.
  • Learn to Play Bridge is a free beginners course offered online by ACBL.